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Solar Photovoltaic Systems


Solar energy remains the most promising renewable energy source for Singapore when it comes to electricity generation. With an average annual solar irradiance of 1,580 kWh/m2/year and about 50 percent more solar radiation than temperate countries, solar photovoltaic (PV) generation has the greatest potential for wider deployment in Singapore.


Singapore aims to deploy at least 2-gigawatt peak (GWp) of solar energy by 2030. This is equivalent to powering about 350,000 households for a year.

How Solar Works?


Solar panels are mainly composed of many individual solar cells connected in a circuit. These solar cells collect photons (sun energy) from sunlight and generate flowing electrons or what we call electricity.

  • Absorption of sunlight by silicon solar cell
  • Photons from sunlight excite electrons to high energy states.
  • Activated electron flows to external circuit/load.
  • Solar panel generates electricity in DC current.
  • Inverters convert DC to AC current. AC current is pumped down to your building’s main switchboard (MSB).
  • Solar energy is transmitted through the MSB to building loads such as air-conditioning & lighting.

Current projects of Solar PV (case studies)


Project Timeline

Solar PV system integration takes 3-6 months depending on the size of the roof and the system. Union Solar will take measures to ensure timely project delivery.

  • Design
    • Feasibility Study, Schematics & Drawings, In-principle approval by Client
  • Procurement
  • Installation
    • Risk Assessment, Work Permits, Hoisting Activities
  • Authority Approval
    • SP Turn-on Application, SCDF lodgment, EMA/EMC PV system registration
  • Commissioning of System

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