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Cost of Solar Panels


Global warming is seen as a major problem around the world. There are many ways we can play our part to save the earth, from reducing our carbon footprint, using renewable energy, to taking public transportations – these are some measures we can take to be environmentally responsible.


Solar panels are an effective way to reduce electricity consumption, contributing to Singapore’s greater long-term goals of higher energy efficiency. With solar panels, it will greatly reduce the negative impacts of carbon emissions on the environment.


Union Power’s Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) allows commercial building owners to generate & utilise the benefits of solar energy without having to pay an upfront investment cost.


The cost of solar panels through our PPA scheme would definitely be lower than the usual electricity tariff bills. Commercial building owners can potentially enjoy competitively priced tariff rates for approximately 20 years, all while contributing to a more sustainable ecosystem.


Installation cost of solar panel

Under the Union Power PPA scheme, we will assist commercial building owners to design & install the solar panels with zero upfront costs & ensure optimal operating conditions throughout the contract duration. Furthermore, commercial building owners can trust that the installation cost of the solar panels will not come with any inflation rise over the term in Singapore.


Before looking at the installation cost of solar panels, it will be ideal for commercial building owners to consider the feasibility & available rooftop area.


Same Electricity Supply


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