Why Solar?

  • Reduce Carbon Footprint 

One of the cleanest forms of energy available for Singapore homeowners. Solar panel generate electricity without producing carbon dioxide, thus saving the environment.


  • Save on Electricity Bill 

Depending on your electricity consumption & roof size, going solar will save your electricity bill by a substantial percentage up to 80%!


  • Reduce Heat & Increase Roof Longevity 

Adding an additional layer of solar panels on top of your roof significantly reduce direct sunlight to your roof & heat into your house especially with Singapore positioned right at the equator.


  • Long Lifespan 

With no moving parts throughout the operational lifespan of our solar PV system, solar panels are expected to consistently produce up to 80% of its original capacity after 25 years.


  • Little to No Maintenance

Once your solar PV system is operational, there is very little you have to do. Yearly or even bi-yearly maintenance check is sufficient to ensure the system is running on optimum condition.


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Roof Types

  • Tile Roof
  • Metal Roof
  • Flat Roof

Our dedicated team of professionals will schedule a visit to your house to inspect the type of roof, orientation & suitability to determine if it will be ideal for solar.



  • Step 1 – Complimentary Consultation 

Our specialist will schedule a time with you to explain the whole process in order to equip you with all the right knowledge & information to make an informed buying decision.


  • Step 2 – Customized Solar Proposal 

You will receive a no-obligation customized proposal based on your roof layout & energy needs.


  • Step 3 – Installation 

The entire solar panels installation process will be performed & supervised by our highly trained & experienced in-house workers & engineers.


  • Step 4 – Testing & Commissioning 

Your solar PV system will be safe for use as it will be tested & endorsed by a License Electrical Working (LEW). The appointed LEW will then liaise with Singapore Power for bi-directional meter change & commissioning.


  • Step 5 – Handover

Your solar PV system should be up & running by now, producing electricity for your home!


FREE Site Survey & Quote

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